Rashi font - A Typeface Designed to be a Commentary

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"Rashi script"

The complete Hebrew alphabet in Rashi script [right to left].
The semi-cursive typeface in which Rashi's commentaries are printed both in the Talmud and Tanakh is often referred to as "Rashi script." This does not mean that Rashi himself used such a script: the typeface is based on a 15th century Sephardic semi-cursive hand. What would be called "Rashi script" was employed by early Hebrew typographers such as the Soncino family and Daniel Bomberg, a Christian printer in Venice, in their editions of commented texts (such as the Mikraot Gedolot and the Talmud, in which Rashi's commentaries prominently figure) to distinguish the rabbinic commentary from the primary text proper, for which a square typeface was used.

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This is GHB M New Rashi:

This is GHB Rabbi Shlomo:

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Where can one download these from, gohebrew?

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