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high contrast serif fonts

hey all,

last days i always came across high contrast serif fonts.
spezial in the field of fashion and magazines.

is there any category name for those fonts or does anyone know where there came from or what background they have?

even a few names from similary ones would help!!!!!

i am sure the font from saturday for industrie magazine is custom made but there are so many out there right now there must be some mainstream version :)

i am not looking for slabserif or egyptienne.
and i am aware that bodoni does have a good contrast in the line width :)

thanks so much!


flip through industrie magazine


That typeface looks like an emaciated Plantin.

There's a list of high contrast serifs at FontShop, but these are much bolder than your sample which is really not that high contrast, it's just very light. So see their extra light serifs as well. SangBleu seems to be the closest to what you're after.

thank you!

the list from fontshop is very nice, but i think the "modern" touch of the fonts i mean, comes from very black serifs.
hard to explain but it always feels like they are to heavy for the letter, thats why they are often based on a light version, i guess.
maybe they just using display fonts, and thats the trick :)

but i would call sangbleu definitely one of them.
i am still looking for more examples.

Didot HTF B96 Bold