Huge problem in legibility... help please!

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Hey again everyone!

I am back with a logo for a renewable energy agency wich sells solar panels and other sustainable energy systems.
The logo must convey the message that we're talking about ENERGY. As you can see down, the logo has a hidden "energy spine".
The problem is that the company name is ECO, but in the logo with the switched "C" position to create the hidden spine you read "EDO".

How could I solve this legibility problem, make it more clear that it's a reversed "C" and not a "D"? I tried them all and I'm quite stucked now on this one

Thank you very much,


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I can clearly see the electrical plug and I think you have ended up with some clumsy letters just to keep the plug so obvious. The middle bar of E is too heavy & even if that C was the right way round it needs a closer relationship with the O.

Try versions where the C itself is the body of the plug, rather than just the counter. You might then be able to do that with the C the right way round.

Another thought is have the C the right way round but with two slices through the left so C's counter is the plug and E is the socket. It might be going a bit too far with the imagery, but you could have something sun-like going on with O's counter, a little slice through its left side to be a cable going to C.

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The legibility might be not the biggest problem with your design. E-D forming a plug, while very clever, has been already used in a number of really well-known logos. Have a look at the comments in this thread and you will see what I mean.

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How'bout playing with, say, Alan Carr's Busorama? You can always get ITC Busorama later if it appeals.

Or maybe... a sparky E overprinted with a scripty CO?

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First of all,thank you to everyone.

I didn't realized that this idea was used in such a similar way, damn :(

I will try a different approach now based on the suggestions you all gave me.

See you soon


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@cenerino54, you said -

> I didn't realized that this idea was used in such a similar way, damn :(

Yet it was you who posted the same link to Logopond as I did in that August thread riccard0 linked to. I'm not sure what to make of this.

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Congratulations, you have earned your Eagle Eye Scout Merit Badge apankrat.

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Quite intriguing

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