A substitute for Helvetica Neue Condensed

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I use a lot of Helvetica Neue Condensed at work for charts, specifications, and instructions. I'm not dissatisfied with how it looks, but I'm working on some new catalogs, and I'm curious if anyone has any recommendations for a suitable replacement that might be a little more exciting.

I've got a lot of data in various charts, so it would have to be a pretty narrow typeface. News Gothic Condensed and Myriad Condensed are both narrower, but I'd rather stick with Helvetica. There are a bunch of other typefaces that would work, but they're so close to Helvetica Neue Condensed that it wouldn't make sense to switch.

FF Unit looks like it could work, even though it's definitely wider than Helvetica Neue Condensed, but I'm wondering if there's anything a bit narrower.


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FF Axel — custom design for tables (Excel actually). I use it because I have trouble with numbers…

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Hello Jonathan,

Perhaps Panno Text fits the job?


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Some economic sans serifs I tried recently.

Bureau Grot has a very wide range of variants, from super narrow to a bit condensed.

Similarily versatile and narrow but with a more friendly feel: Amplitude

A classic: Bell Centennial

more humansit: Ourtype Alto Condensed and Extra Condensed

Ronnia from Type Together

Camingo by Jan Fromm

Qugard Sans by Ole Schäfer

Not particularily narrow but works well in tiny sizes: Vectora by Frutiger

Maybe check out these font lists from fontshop.com
Small Text list by Nick Sherman

more deco but narrow nonetheless:

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This is great stuff. Thanks!

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