Can somebody please identify this font?

thanx in advance



The sample is really too small to may a definitive ID. The letterforms share some of the characteristics of this typeface...

but likely aren't as severe and contrasty...

the characteristics are difficult to define at such a size, such as the top serif on the A... that's the most unique one i see. a scan at a higher resolution will help.

having the high x-height to cap-height ratio that it does,
i suggest Caxton (
but check out these others too:
Diaconia Old Style (
Williams Caslon

my initial guess was a version of Caslon, but look at your font's bowl of the B and x-height of the b and d. also, i can't tell if the bar of the t is at a tilt or not.

Thanks to you all. I will try to get a higher resolution soon.