Critique for first sans

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<font class="dontLookLikeCrap">Hello!

I am currently finishing the lc glyphs of my first typeface, an - yet to be named - sans serif font.

Before advancing too much I would appreciate some comments on this preview:

I know there is still a lot of work to be done - especially with the e, r and s.

How do you like the feel of it? does it feel too light for a regular?

I would be grateful for some feedback - no need to be gentle! :-)</font>

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hmm...I'll try again:

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here would be a preview of the face so far.
letters that certainly need working (as far as I can see) are:
r (too shy?)
s (spine too clumsy?)
t (ascender too dodgy?)

please add/review this list.

thanks for your feedback!

application/pdfSaman's yet to be named sans
fontpreview.pdf (18.0 k)

saman's picture comments at all?

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The 'g' needs work. It's too big and the bottom story is too far from the top story.

The 'e' feels off balance. It looks like it

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It needs polishing but overall I think it's ok. You have good basic shapes, but need to polish the details, like the round terminals on the ascenders.

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I have made a study regarding the top part of the ascender. I would appreciate some feedback:

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I like the 3rd/middle one.


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Hi, Samann.

Once again, I agree with Hrant -- the 3rd h is the one I like best, followed by the 4th one.

As for your earlier questions... I like your typeface. It has a certain elegance. But yes, I feel that the s needs some work. And I agree with DeWitt's comments about the e and the g.

I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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i'd have to say i like the fifth one best.

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