Please recommend a font similar to Trajan Regular but in Word or iWork (or free)?

I need to self-print two emergency envelopes for invitations that should have gone out last week (all the others did already). My invitation typeface is Trajan Regular. Is there a typeface that is sufficiently similar but available in either MS Word for Mac or in Apple iWork? I'm really in a jam and I can't afford the turn-around time involved in getting my envelope person to address them and return them to me. Thanks!


I don't know that any bundled fonts would be terribly close.

You could purchase and download something from this FontShop list within minutes.

this font is pretty darn close,

it's a true type, so it should work across platforms just fine.

This font is indeed right on, but, unfortunately, nearly all letters have artwork -- they're not just the plain letters, but they add "bricks" of one sort or another, as shown in the sample palettes. They do work beautifully in Word, as you suggested, but they can't be used for the envelopes. Still searching ... Thanks.

You could use just the "lowercase" which hasn’t any brick.
Or try this:

Or this:

The Castle Type Goudy Trajan worked perfectly, with a free trial download. Thanks -- you rock!