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Joined: 14 Oct 2003 - 9:49am
Don Paul

Hi, Please Critique, this is my grey pixel tribute to Paul Rener, “Don Paul” is for titles and “Renex” is for litle text aplications.

don Paul & Renex

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Hey, Don Paul* looks pretty good! Good use of gray to bend the bodies. The only problem (which makes me suspect you’re working on MacOS) is that in some places the blur is too strong, like your diagonals, the bar of the “A”, etc. This problem is more severe in the light weight of Renex, especially where you’re filling counters with adjacent light grays (like in the “o”).** The bolder Renex is much better — which is normal — the compromises vary depending on weight, and furthermore are easier to swallow above 1-pixel stems.

* BTW, not “Don Paulo”?

** Avoid abutting two pixels lighter than ~160.


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I love these faces, and I think that Don Paul is a great tribute.

I’m curious about the relationship of the two fonts, as Renex appears to not be a geometric face.

Keep up the good work!


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Don Paul is an attractive face, especially the lowercase.

Admittedly, I don’t have much typographic education, so many typefaces referenced on these boards are matters of research for me.

That said, while I really like your v and w, and the way you’ve given them points at the baseline, they suprise me in that they don’t follow the geometries established by the a, b, d, m, n, p, q, and y.

Is this a direct result of one of Paul Renner’s designs?

I also really like the i and j and the way they seem to enhance the set while departing significantly from the motiffs of the majority of the other characters.

Also, can you describe to me the significance, or tradition perhaps, of designing a very conservative uc, and then a lc that is so playful?