Typekit alternative to Neutraface or Verlag

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I’m sure we all agree that web font embedding is awesome and long-welcomed.

But since House Industries and HF&J are not yet on board, I’m looking for similar alternative. Oh hivemind, can you suggest some alternatives to Neutraface or Verlag?

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If it doesn't need to be hosted by typekit, how about:

Strangely enough Typekit offers some other Hannes von Döhren fonts.

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Brandon is a good suggestion, but test it on Windows first. HVD’s other fonts aren't hinted for XP rendering.

Agenda and Apres (for small text) have some similarities.

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That's interesting Stephen - I always wondered how used Windows users are to sub-par font rendering, so whether it is something they notice or not.

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They usually see fonts like Georgia, Arial, and Verdana that were optimized for Windows, so it hasn't been a big issue until now that new webfonts are available that aren't always optimized.

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