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This is my first post on this forum. I am making a blog for a client who happens to be a Product manager at a large social network company. The blog would be more Daring Fireball style with occasional posts in the long form and many links from the interwebs. In both these format the common point would be the highly insightful yet opinionated commentary.
I have decided to go with Skolar as the primary text for body text. Can you guys suggest a secondary font that you know goes well with Skolar. I tried looking around but could not find great examples with other font combinations.
The other combination that might work is the FF Meta and FF Meta Serif but I would like to use that as the last resort.

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If you have readers on Windows machines, be aware that Skolar isn't good below 14px. There is a revision in the works. I'd go with Meta/Meta Serif until it’s ready. Or FF Tisa, which has some similarities to Skolar.

More serif webfonts for text:

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@Stephen Hey Stephen,
Thanks for the quick reply. The idea of using Skolar was primarily because of the scholarly, insightful feel yet highly having a character of its own. Also would love to hear of some other fonts that you think will do the job (and available from Typekit) and also if Skolar would have done the job in the first place. Funny that you link to that post. Has been an open tab in my browser for me to read later from the last 4-5 days.
FF Meta/Serif was always the last resort.
PS: Wondering why I was not following you on Twitter. Doing it now. :)

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Why don't you try Scala with Scala Sans.

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this is how Skolar Web will look like in IE6/XP (rastered by grayscaling) IE8/Vista (rastered by ClearType). These two and Mac rendering (which turns out pretty well for Skolar) should be the three main renderings to look at before you any webfont on your website. The marketing texts tend to be deceiving sometimes (that does not come as a surprise I suppose).

I will update you on when this is available. It has been postponed several times already. Hopefully, in January.


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How is the update to Skolar Web coming? I received the Skolar Pro bundle for Christmas (thanks dad!) and am planning on using it for much of my personal correspondence and self-branded freelance materials.

I'm also wondering if typekit will be the only system for delivering Skolar as a webfont, or if there are plans to make it available through other services.

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We are delayed, but it is on its way (month or so I hope). At least some weights. It will be available from more service. I am not sure which exactly, you would need to ask TypeTogether.

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TypeTogether makes use of these services: FontDeck, FontsLive, WebInk, Typekit. It should eventually appear on all of these.


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Great, thanks for that Mr. Brezina — I look forward to the update

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The new Skolar Web hinted by Ross Mills for ClearType is out there now. The fonts are available on Typekit now and will be available on other services soon. All four hinted weights (regular, bold, italic, and bold italic) include Cyrillic as well!

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