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Language-specific OT ligatures

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Joined: 20 Apr 2010 - 9:44pm
Language-specific OT ligatures

Good evening!

Some languages have problems with f-ligatures. One example is German, where ligatures across Wortfugen can be a source of confusion; another is Turkish, in which the dotless ı requires special treatment.

Have there been any efforts to identify (and compile a list of) such problems, and is it considered good practice to code those exceptions as language-specific OpenType alternates? Say, "ligatures for dflt, no ligatures for german"? Or would that go against users' expecations? How well are such features implemented in software at all?

Another solution, of course, is a Linotype ("Sabon") f, but you know, I do have a thing for nice fi and fl ligatures :)

I'm aware there are a handful of excellent threads on OpenType and ligatures, but I haven't found one that answered my question – if there is one, please just point me to it.