What sans serif have old style figures?

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I have to find a couple of sans serif faces with old style (hanging) figures. FF Info Text is one. Could you suggest a few others, please?

Soren O

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just testing my new logo ...

Soren O

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The most interesting ones I know of are Scala Sans and Legacy Sans.

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I was surprised that a venerable face like Akzidenz Grotesk is available with old style figures:


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The list is a fairly long one. Apart from the fonts mentioned there are, in no particular order:

Le Monde Sans
Fedra Sans
Avenir Next Pro
FF Fago
FF Eureka
FF Signa
FF Strada
John Sans
Apex Sans
Franklin Gothic (URW)

Sorry, no links. I am sure there are many more.


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Matthew, thanks a lot, this will be a great help!

Soren O

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to add:

Index from Garagefonts

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And don

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Thanks for including Sophisto in your list...


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A few more for consideration...

Christian Robertson's Pill Gothic
Neil Summerour's Cynapse Pro
Alejandro Paul's Kautiva and Politica

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I guess all of those ads don't work. Giacomo from Terminal Design has os figures as well.

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Thanks, everyone! Not only do I now have a lot of suggestions for a font for a cvi assignment - you also reminded me of a lot of beautiful sans serif faces.


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Christopher Burke's (HiberniaType) Pragma and Celeste Sans

Is this only in the regular weights, or can the rangers be in the smallcaps?

Jean Fran

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Monotype's Gill Sans OsF although I find them to be barney.

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Underware's Auto

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Oops! I forgot about JF's Anisette Petite

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