Bodoni Egyptian Pro -

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Font showing at MyFonts.
PDF specimen.

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I know of the bookmark feature, but it does not inform me of new activity within the a thread (or the multiple threads I check on a daily basis) as does "My account > Track."

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Yep, that's a fair complaint. I know the team wants to add that feature as soon as they can.

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This is absolutely gorgeous. The Black is especially awesome.

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Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful work!

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Beautiful font, but a bit out of my price range ;)

BTW, the combination of Modern and Egyptian/slab features sort of reminds me of an old typewriter or something. Was that an influence at all?

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But perhaps I should add some monospaced styles!


BTW, I don't know about affordability, but I've tried to make it value for money: the ‘text’ fonts at $59 have a range of features (small caps, fractions, superiors &c.) in Extended Latin encodings, 700 glyphs per font—which is comparable to many such similarly loaded contemporary typefaces. The display weights (without small caps, &c.) also have the Extended Latin encoding, and the four basic sets of figures (tabular/proportional/lining/oldstyle), 280 glyphs for $39, the same price the original Type 1/TrueType Bodoni Egyptian sold for, which had only basic Western encoding and no figure alternates, just over 200 characters per font.

The full family at $349 for 8 weights of roman, 14 fonts in all, accounts for the majority of sales, so that price point has proven to be quite realistic.

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Nick- congratulations on a wonderful family of designs.

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I didn't mean to say that your font is overpriced (indeed, it seems roughly in line with the pricing of most high quality families from independent foundries) but that $349 is outside the likely budget of the typical home user such as myself. Most fonts (except for "novelty" display styles) are aimed squarely at the professional design market and the price reflects that. Good fonts are lot like good camera lenses: most non-professionals (with the exception of a few hobbyists with nice jobs) can't really afford them, but that doesn't stop us from admiring the when we see them ;)

As for a monospaced version, I don't think that would be necessary. You've already got the early 20th century "industrial" look down.

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I didn't mean to say that your font is overpriced

I know. I was just taking the opportunity to make a sales pitch :-)

I should consider selling my fonts with non-commercial licences as well, like several other foundries.
What do you think of that, do you find the discounts realistic?

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@Nick Shinn: What version of Bodoni would you say this is closest to?

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None, although it is certainly far removed from those revivals which show a lot of trace of the letterpress process, such as ITC and some of Weischer’s.

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