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Hello. I'm putting this project up here for some critique. It is a logo design for a pro audio manufacturer start-up: Longhurst. The various products (pre-amps, compressors, tape-delays) will have names such as "Superburst," "Sunburst," etc. The company will be positioned as a small boutique manufacturer with unique sounds. Aesthetically, we're looking for something slightly nostalgic, but also fresh and solid.

The first two options use u&lc type, which is how I often approach logos. But something made me decide to try some custom lettering, and after a few different attempts, I settled on the blocky all-caps look of the lower four options. (Also came up with a whole lot of "bursts!" and tried to integrate them somehow.)

So I'd be happy if you could spare a minute to let me know what you think...

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1 & 2 remind me of the logos on boxes of lawn grass seed where as I can picture the others screenprinted on a effects box or moulded in chrome-painted black plastic on an amp. The retro block lettering suits the products. I think you need to make the leg of R a lot heavier, and the counters in B closer to the centre, the way R's counter is. I'd like to see 5 all in black with those adjustments.

The bursts are perhaps a bit too ornate to work with the lettering. I think the third is best and that should be filling the space in the bottom right at optically the same height as the letters.

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Thanks, Justin. I agree with most of what you're saying. I'll work on some more options.

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#5 is nice — good sense of character and memorable style

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I am not the only one to see a mike in the 'R' in 'Sunburst' in #6, am I?

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Thanks, Penn.

O.K. some edits: The R has a thicker leg. Option two has a more top-heavy B, closer in style and size to the R.

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