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this is a rough layout, let me know what you think

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also picture it embossed, i think that might be cool, also playing on the word press, cool or no?

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To me the type looks a little small in that big rectangle; I'd suggest making all the type proportionally larger. And the "est. 1995" looks especially too small to me.

Have you tried reducing the logo down to the small size it'll be on a business card or small web ad? Not sure all that reversed-out type, especially "restaurant", will hold up in tiny sizes.

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I would also suggest bringing the type size up and if embossed maybe bolder?

The 'Est. 1995' typeface to me doesn't work comfortably with the sans serif of the rest of the design, maybe this is due to its size? Could be worth trying this spaced out a lot (loads of tracking?) in the same typeface as the rest?

If you want to give it a hint of classicism maybe try a decorative line?

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thanks for all the advice guys, as im sure you can tell, im trying to present the press as a classy establishment drawing reference from high end sectors like fashion. I like how sans serif and serif look together if done right, so im still working towards that. as far as alternative font choices, any suggestions?

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