Fridge Magnet Font


I'm looking for the font (or similar) used in these particular fridge magnets.

I'm aware of other fridge magnets that typically use Vag and cooper black style typefaces.

Any help would be very much appreciated!



It looks like Futura Bold accept for the 'q'. Maybe that letter was customized for clarity...?

If it is Futura bold the j was modified too. It would look just like the i if it wasn't. The c certainly looks like Futura bold.

I don't think these are real frig magnets. The dots on the i and j aren't connected. And aren't frig magnets usually in all caps?

I remember magnets from the 1970's that looked like those letters. They weren't fridge magnets, they went on a metal board, had cheap bar magnets snapped into the back. The dots were connected by thin bits of the plastic.

These images are "3D" re-creations of the originals.