Swisstype logo critique.

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A logo I designed in a classroom project. Using the integration of 's' and 't'.

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Nice idea! Maybe tone down the weight of the inset 't' in the uppercase 's'?
Kerning also looks a little awkward in places, the 'typ' for example looks loose in comparison to the other letters, maybe allow them to touch?

Superb idea though :)

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Hey thanks alot!
The logo came as a surprise though,
actually I was only doing the integration. ;)

Check it out if it looks better now.

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'typ' looks much more comfortable. Might be worth making the whited out 't' in the cap 'S' more like the swiss cross by making both stroke widths the same?

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Don't you think that'll hinder with the legibility of 's' ?

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Uhm. I can shake off an image of a (Christian) cross in S. Definitely a nice monogram idea though.

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It is the proportion of the cross that pushes it towards the christian look. Make the top stem the same length as the lower and horizontal bars to give it that perfect Swiss 3 by 3 grid. If that is not enough, try moving the cross right a small amount so you just get the beginning of the lower stroke terminal of the cross cutting into the lower S curve.

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I don't believe it will hinder the legibility if you follow Dezcoms suggestions. You may have to bring the 'cross/t' down in size a little to work successfully.

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