Typeface to match/contrast with architectural forms

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Hello dear Typophiles,

I'm currently working on my architectural portfolio prior to the big jobhunt, and am having some difficulty picking a typeface to suitably match the energy and vibe of the architecture.

The images below show the architecture - it's very contemporary, fairly complex, bold and still somewhat delicately crafted. Would you encyclopaedic typophiles have any typefaces you could recommend to match or contrast with these buildings?

I need one Headline face and one Body Text face - I'm currently using Eureka and Myriad, but I think I could use some help. The layouts will be fairly minimal, with enough white space to let the work stand out.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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Eureka is nice. Perhaps try a more geometric sans like
Alright: http://beta.okaytype.com/Typefaces/Alright_Sans/Overview/index.php
or a gothic such as
FF Bau: http://www.fontshop.com/fontlist/families/ff_bau/
or Founders Grotesk: http://klim.co.nz/founders_samples.php

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Somehow FF Mach comes to my mind, but it might be too decontructivist.

Alright sounds good to me too. I am thinking light weight. In my experience bold fonts tend to look blotchy on architectural drawings.

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Use TheMix (part of Thesis) for both heads and text.

At display size, the subtlety of its drawing and sharp and tasty curves will complement your work, while at text size the open, office-y tone of the lower case is suitably spacious.

It also has a dual personality, like your main building.

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Thanks to all of you for your input!

@Penn: Alright Sans looks great. I might buy a couple weights.
@Kupfers: I agree that FF Mach might be a little too much.
@Nick: TheMix was part of my initial shortlist, but I eliminated it for some reason. I'll give it another shot.

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