my first font - named 'happy pebble' - the lower case

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Over the past couple of years I've become really interested in fonts. I'm a maths teacher by day and amateur designer and now amateur typographer by night (and by weekend and school holiday). I have designed a font before, but I made every rookie mistake possible.

So then I bought this very helpful book titled 'Lettering & Type: Creating Letters and Designing Typefaces' by Bruce Willen and Nolen Strals which I am thoroughly enjoying and from which I am learning a lot. I also learn a lot from and from just observing the world around me - that's one thing I love about type, it's everywhere.

My first font is called 'happy pebble'. The look is based on this idea I got for the lower case 'a'. In my mind it looked a bit like a sculpted pebble you might find on the beach. I've only yet completed the lower case characters and the project still hasn't left Illustrator.

I've followed an evolutionary process so that whoever is helping me out can see where I was going and a bit of what I was thinking. Each letter's version that I liked the most and felt the most fitting is in a bluish purple with the unchosen ones in black:

Here are also some words I created in Illustrator to get a feel of the letters working together (and to test out some variations of a specific character):

I am very new at this but I find it very exciting. I still have much to learn, so please let me know what you think (my friends and family thinks its great, but they are biased).

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You'd be better off posting this in the San Serif section of the 'Critique' forum.

I don't think that 'a' works BTW - it'd be better flipped vertically.

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I agree with the advice on moving the thread. Curiously, the blog post ( gathered more feedback.

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Thanks. Just moved it. I'm new to all this and for some reason I missed the critique section.

"it'd be better flipped vertically."

The vertically flipped 'a' has been done and I thought of doing something new. But thank you for the constructive criticism, it is highly appreciated.

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