Fontlab metrics classes problem

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I have some problem with metrics classes in fontlab. To illustrate this I will give example - I made metric class for "H" - ist called .HR and it describes the right side of "H". Inside class there are letters like "I,J,N" and so on, and listed here with accents like: Iacute Icircumflex Idieresis and so on. When I go to metrics asistance and want to apply the sidebarings for letters in calss with option "use measurent line" fontlab seems to ignore that. Lets say the Icircumflex after this operation should have value like -5 on the righ side but it is still 80. Fontlab ignores the opion "use measuring line". Accendet characters are components, but even I decompose them - it still doesn't work.
I dont get it. Maybe I misunderstand the idea of meric assistance. But I think I remember that I did this kind of things before and it was OK. Thanks for any help and just in case - sorry for my English.

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How do you build your accented characters?

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I simply double click on empty cell and after that composites are filling it.
btw. I changed "H" for "I" in class and now it works fine but I not shure if everything is ok - checking now, will post when finish. but after all this was strange.

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Yes everything is ok now after changing the base letter from H to I, but any sugestions about reason of wierd behavior will be nice (for future)

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Hi Kukam!

I haven't solution about that but share the same weird bad experience.. FontLab is still a WIP then you will find several bugs, the good news is that is on working, the bad news is you will need pay again to purchase new version or update version.

In my experience I was indirect solve that trouble just restarting fontlab or rebooting my computer.

Anyway FontLab is a great tool, but still incomplete and still imperfect (like our human being behaviors).


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