Plans? Typophile on iPad

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Just curious if there are plans to tweak for iPad, which would mean some HTML tweaking of some of the layout components, or at least, some PHP-generated text (or some other web font service with the faces that get used regularly) in place of the Flash based embedded font rendering. Again, just curious.

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I might add I don't have an iPad yet, so I don't know how typophile in fact runs on it. I'm just assuming, which could possibly make an ass out of at least me. But if the Flash is served to iPad, I was assuming I'd just see a fancy blue X as with other sites / widgets / ads that don't run on iPad or iPhone (which I do have). On iPhone, even the search is missing off the homepage because it's all part of the SWF running there.

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Typophile mostly works on iPad. Only the home page does not behave the same and this can be avoided.

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What David said.

I read Typophile all the time on my iPhone. Just avoid the home page by going straight to the forums page and bookmarking it. The sIFR headlines just fall back to Verdana, no biggie.

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iOS uses Safari, so as long as a site works in Safari, it should work on the iPad or iPhone. Flash, obviously, is one component that won't.

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Here's what the home page looks like on an iPad.

Maybe a text link to the Forum page would be a good idea, especially for the benefit of first-time visitors.

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There is no search for you on any of the forum pages too, correct?

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I didn't notice until you mentioned it, but you're right, there's no search box.

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The navigation at the top of the page is also missing.

I have bookmarks for the pages I visit most often, so I rarely notice. But I imagine it must be mystifying for users less familiar with the site.

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Give it 2 more years at least.

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Typodermic, if you mean that Flash will come eventually to the iPad, Steve Jobs has implied that it won't happen ever.

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Indeed, there is no search box or top nav, nor is the front page working. The problems are not unique to Safari iOS but also to the few other WebKit-based browsers which also run on iOS. It wouldn't take much to tweak the typophile site to fix these buggies, to be sure. On the other hand, I have no problems using the site as is (and am posting from my iPad, in fact).

Regarding Flash on iOS, to JamesM's comment, Jobs has done more than imply. He has become quixotic in his mission to move the web beyond Flash. In addition to Apple's perception that it is a CPU hog and buggy, the other reason it is very unlikely ever to be permitted on iOS is that Flash would permit the running of arbitrary (read : not Apple-approved) code on it's host device, which would defeat much of the purpose of "walled garden" security that Apple imposes through the ITunes approval process.


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No, I meant when this site is updated.

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