Which Caslon is this?

This is from Wallpaper magazine.

I'm looking at the f and can't find a match. Maybe I'm wrong assuming it's Caslon?


Thank you akira!

And if I were to look for a good alternative to Lexicon no. 2 (and at that price, I have little choice), what would you guys suggest? It would be nice if it's a font good for setting long texts, and it would be nice if it works well printed out on a 300 dpi printer. And I will combine it with Schwartz' Graphik.

So, help me understand myself: When I'm attracted to Caslon and Lexicon no. 2, what should I look for in other fonts? What is the typical features of those two? They do compare, right?

I also like [[http://www.fontbureau.com/fonts/miller/|Miller,]] which I find to be somehow similar.

You might like Malcolm Wooden’s Arbesco, which is less expensive.

I'm not clear from your list what you're looking for, but [[http://www.fontbureau.com/fonts/WilliamsCaslonText/ot/|here is an actual Caslon.]]