Superfino Font ID help?

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This could be custom, but anyone know it or something close to it?

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Deftone by Ray Larabie.

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Similar to Einhorn.
Lakeshore Drive NF could do the job.

It reminds me of this which was being asked about here a few years ago but I cannot find the original post.

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Antonio was so close. This is the upright version of Deftone Stylus - called Dyspepsia. Use the lowercase 's' to start, greatly decrease tracking, add lots of stroke weight and, er, good luck exactly recreating this.

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Thanks heaps.
Dyspepsia looks the closest, but yes... it's going to need a fair bit of work.
No sweat!

Thanks again!

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Ha, I actually prefer the il Baretto font.

this one's going to take some work.

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