Readable small screen font for text heavy site

I am currently using Verdana for an academic web site that is text heavy. The format of the page includes lots of captions and blurbs, some up to 20 lines long, but only 200 pixels wide.

I checked typekit and there are some but they don't seem significantly sharper than Verdana.

Any suggestions for clear legible fonts...?

Secondly is there a method to lock down the type to encourage students from copy and pasting the site content?


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Ahhhh, I meant DISCOURAGE students from copy and pasting from the site.

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That you checked TypeKit would indicate that you're for looking for a webfont, which would enable content to be published as plain text and rendered by the browser. On the other hand, you're worried that the plain text might then be copied and pasted, which is one of the main advantages of using webfonts. Hmmmmm... Pre-rendering the text to images would make it harder to copy the actual text, but still the individual images wouldn't be that difficult to save. Rendering the text within a Flash container, using one of those microscopic pixel fonts, might be the perfect solution (although one could still take screenshots and magnify...)

dberlow's picture, for non-microscopic but small uses.;)

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Thank you both for these helpful suggestions! I don't care if screen shots are taken, just want to discourage (the frequent) wholesale cut and paste plagiarism by other web sites.

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If you want to prevent cut-and-paste plagairism, you might want to investigate "obfuscation" tools. Basically, they translate your text (and code) into HTML entities, which render properly in a browser, but look like a bunch of gobledygook when pasted into a text application...

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Feh. Might as well cast them in GIF or use Javascript drawing onto the 'canvas'. Cufón?

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