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Does Gill Sans Small Caps come in Opentype?


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Melanie Smith's picture
Joined: 23 Dec 2010 - 12:44am
Does Gill Sans Small Caps come in Opentype?

Does anyone know if there is a version of Gill Sans Small Caps in Opentype format?
Monotype has Gill Sans Small Caps in a Family pack on fonts.com however under the technical details they are only listed as Macintosh PostScript, Windows PostScript, and Windows TrueType. The client this is for uses PC and I am doing the design on a mac. Would the TrueType translate to both platforms?


Thanks in advance for your help!

Andreas Stötzner's picture
Joined: 12 Mar 2007 - 10:21am

Windows ttf format usually runs well on both platforms. No compelling need for otf as long as you don’t require special ot functionality.

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