A serif text face

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Since this is my first font meant for text sizes, I'd appreciate any constructive criticism. The goal is to make a readable magazine-friendly typeface that appears very crisp and curvy— maybe even floral.

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That's a great start! I really like the g. I think the bowl of your /a/ could use some more didot'ness. Meaning the top part of the bowl going in a more horizontal direction, but perhaps that's just personal flavour. I think you should give the /y/ a round terminal. The way it is now really looks out of place to me. It would probably be better for legibility if you make the arm of the /r/ end more open, so that the terminal points in a more horizontal direction, instead of downwards. That way you could also make it more compressed which would make IMO a better texture. For comfortable reading at small pntsizes, it would probably help if you make all thin lines a little thicker. Keep going!

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The details and delicacy of this don't say "text sizes" to me. It's handsome work, though.
You might want to extend the baseline serif of r on the right to help fill in that gap.

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Very interesting....would love a TTF font file myself of your typeface....

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What a beauty. There was any further development?

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Very nice. It's like Baskerville after a couple of pints.


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Sorta, it turned into a higher-contrast display face, seen in this thread: http://typophile.com/node/91783

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