The page you requested does not exist

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Why do I keep getting this every time I log in?

See comments at

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I get it a lot too. I only use Firefox but on Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X 10.4.11. I will always be on the page I want so it doesn't prevent me from using the forum. Unfortunately I'm not getting it now so I can't say where exactly at the top of the page it is.

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Firefox 3.6.13, OSX 10.6.5

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I'm getting it on and off right now. This is where it appears on the page:

I thought it might only happen when I go straight to a thread from the home page, as I did with the one in this picture, however when I go to that same thread again that way it is fine.

Also, it usually gives out the sentence twice, as in this picture, but sometimes it's just once and I've even had it up to five times.

It seems to happen when I first start looking at pages on the site, but then it stops. Is anyone else experiencing this? I use the ABP ad-blocker plug-in on Firefox in case it could be anything to do with that.

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This type of error message appears whenever a request is made for a file that can't be found. Usually it would be a direct request from a link or URL, in which case the page would actually display a google site-search for the missing file. In this case, it's the site's favicon file that's missing, which is requested through a link tag in the HTML. The frequency and nature of this request seems to vary between browsers.

The link tag gives the location of the favicon as, which does not exist. There is a favicon file at, although it's different than the one cached in my browser.

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