Logo for Online Fashion Store

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Hello everybody,

I was just wondering what you thought of this logo for a new online fashion store.

Thanks for any input & Merry Christmas to you all

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Tidy up the connection of the two fs.
The overall effect is tasteful but understated, which is fine if that's how your client would describe the clothes they're selling.

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Thanks for your feedback. Yes, you were right. The connection really needed some more work.

How do you like this version?

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I think the "ff" link needs to look more intentional and less like it might be a typesetting mistake. To achieve that, it needs more air and more flourish. I'd increase the leading and match the font sizes, then perhaps elongate/redraw the second f for a more custom, hand-drawn feel.

If you elongated both effs, it might alleviate the kerning problems of Af; if the top eff was longer, you could lower it a smidgen and then, nudge over the A.

Few clothing companies use the word "fashion" in their name anymore because it evokes a London haberdashery or 50s dress shop....so, maybe a nod to vintage hand-painted signage would appeal to them?

No offense, but right now, it looks like a scary blood clot where the effs meet. The eye just hangs there, waiting for it to pop or something.

(Well, that's not a pretty image, is it? ew. Sorry!)

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This doesn't say fashion to me at all - who is the audience?

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The "ff" connection draws the eye but isn't particularly attractive or interesting. As someone else mentioned it would be helpful to know who the audience is.

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OK, thanks for your harsh but honest opinions. It's exactly what I wanted (and probably needed).

My main occupation is web design, so I rarely venture out into logo design :-)

The target audience is essentially young parents looking for fancy clothes for their kids aged 0 to approximately 15.

The shop is legally based in Germany, but the plan is to sell clothes outside Germany as well, especially to Russia where the store owner is originally from.

According to my client "Afonja" is some little fairy that all kids in Russia know. I think it's a good choice for a company name because it's short and easy to memorise. It was my client's wish to add "fashion" to the name so it becomes instantly clear what the company does. I would have dropped the "fashion" bit too, but I failed to convince my client here.

My drawing skills in Illustrator are extremely limited, so it's probably best if I don't do to much drawing there. Especially drawing curves causes me a headache.

The client wants a simple logo and has even approved my first version (which has actually never happened to me before). So I just want to improve it a little bit without changing the underlying idea too much.

How do you like this one:

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Perhaps avoid the f ’s linking all together if you say drawing isn’t your strong point. Just set it on a single line in the same point size. If it’s childrens clothes perhaps using something with a bit more charm would be more appropriate. You could also hint towards fashion by using something like [Bad link] or [Bad link]. And tie in the kid factor by using some pastelly colours. Just a few thoughts…

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If it's for kids, I don't think the font choice is at all appropriate. I've seen some of your web design, and it's lovely, so I think with some work your attempt at logo development will turn out great.

Shop around at some kids stores for some guidance. If I were looking for a font to appeal to both kids and parents, I'd start over at the Sudtipos font foundry. I'm thinking something sophisticated yet playful like Ricotta, Pinguino or perhaps Aladin both work better than what you have now -- which feels more like a men's suit than a child's overalls.

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