Trying to find a good font combination with my hand lettered logo

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I recently designed a logo for my brand, using hand lettering as oppose to some kind of typeface. Here's what I've got (feel free to point out any rough spots you think might need refining):

I'm trying to settle on a good font combination; a title font that's in similar spirit to the lettering, and a fairly neutral font for the copy.

So far, I'm thinking of using MEgalopolis Extra, since that's one of the inspiration sources, and Candara Bold (with regular there's an awkward weight contrast between the two).

My main problem is I want to use this on the web, but I can't quite spare the money to buy web usage of Candara. Is there a free/open-source/embeddable font that's similar or goes better with MEgalopolis? Actually, does anyone have suggestions for a better font combination?


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no one wants to answer : (

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