I've been using a typeface from some drawers labelled "Runnymede", and I'm wondering if one can buy it. (And I hope the answer is "no", or at least "not digitally".) It looks like this.

So can I buy this? If so, where? And I wouldn't be surprised if it also goes by another name. Does it?


It is close to ATF Motto

Once again, I seem to be simply confirming your info, Robert.

That is Queen Empress - Paul Lloyd's digital version of Motto (Morris Fuller Benton, 1915). Not a perfect version and it would be nice if Lloyd had bothered to credit the original.

According to the text with the font file(s), PJL got it from a book named "King Emperor's Jubilee" that was published in 1935. Never seen the book, so no idea if it lists the type used.

Rereading what I wrote, I should have been clearer and less snarky.

A matching font for the sample text would be Queen Empress, which was Paul Lloyd's digital version of Motto. And Mr. Lloyd often failed to credit the original or source.