Print Process - Numberplate style font

Hi all,

Can anyone identify this numberplate style font

It is similar to Alpha Headline by Lineto but it's not the same.

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K-Type's Mandatory is close. Very close.

Yes, very close, the cap m is quite different though. When I searched for that font the first result was a free pirated version. Bit of a worry.

Nope, Mandatory is still a K-Type freebie. I still don't know if they're redistributable.

Mandatory is still a K-Type freebie.

It doesn’t seem a “freebie” to me.
And on their website it’s free for personal use only.

I'm sure you noticed I did not say that it was 'freely available'.

Hi Guys,

Great work, thanks for your help!


This pdf shows the letters. Have a feeling there may have been some comments about the font not being designed by a type designer back in the day, someone remind me.

You could also do a search on Charles Wright.