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Hello everyone, working a small project for a family friend. Company name is Elite Marble & Granite. Name pretty much what they do. They want to come across a professional and established company. "Simple" and "Clean" are the two most used words when describing the feel. Because of the name "Elite" I thought number 1, top notch and royalty. I explored with granite slab idea in the #1. Three slabs making an "E" and crown. #2 takes on the "number 1" idea. Converted the "I" into a one and used a rectangle to show the slab of granite/marble. #3 is a play on the letter "E" and swirls of color/pattern variations in the stone work. #4 focus on the royalty idea.

Here are some first draft ideas. Do anyone of these jump out at you? Thank you.

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Two and four are nice! The third is too, but to me seems like it could be the logo for almost any company in America, and the swirly sphere looks too much like a bastard child of AT&T and Pepsi.

In number four, I would definitely raise the "Marble & Granite" so that it's closer to the "Elite."

Good start!

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I guess #4 is my favorite, but all of these have a rather generic look. Would be nice if the logo related more to the marble & granite business, maybe through use of pattern, or representation of a tool (chisel?) or tiles of the material, etc. A quick Google Image search for "marble logo" or "granite logo" brings up examples -- some good, some terrible -- of logos that try to suggest those specific materials.

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yeh, i started there too. Its's a fine detail type craft. the primary tools for granite/marble works are hand and laser cutters/sanders/buffers. nothing to exciting that's why i went more for the significance of the name and tie is with the granite/marble slab idea. I thought about drawing a figure of a man working on a slab, but that too seemed generic. Keep in mind the logo will be accompanied with marketing that suggests what they do on a more literal sense.

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Preparing to show client. Any thoughts? thanks. =)

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Last two are nice.

The crown-ish graphic in the first two looks a bit too much like Adidas, and doesn't connote marble or granite to me.

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I don't know why but I kinda like the crown idea, then again, the more i look at it kinda looks like a pineapple or bee. =) thanks trevor.

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First two look more like a castle tower to me. All three options have completely different feel to them. First is modern, last is (sort of) Las Vegas / discorama-ish, and the middle one looks like a much older logo tweaked to the modern age (I'd pick this one).

Which one works the best obviously depends on your client and what they are going for really.

One thing I'd change, purely from the visual perspective, is to round E's top left corner. That straight angle really sticks out and IMO not in a good way.

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I agree. I feel like i'm all over the board. on the tower looking one, i was trying to make an 'E' out of the shape and crown. also conveying slabs of granite/marble. the color version would probably aid this visual better. I'll give the rounding of the E a try. Thanks apankrat. much appreciated.

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In the tower versions, just avoid looking too much like this! The three pronged top, and the three stripes are both dead ringers.

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I concur. The first one is the one that somewhat says “granite” to me, but unfortunately it very much says “Adidas” too.

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okay. I'll play with it a little more. Man I really dislike how many companies feel the need to make the register mark so prominent. =\


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better or worse?

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> I really dislike how many companies feel the
> need to make the register mark so prominent. =\

I agree it looks way too big, but I suspect that the particular logo shown was meant for smaller-size reproduction, and thus when enlarged the register mark looks too big.

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hmmm, probably worse i think. =|

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> better or worse?

Sorry, I don't think it's better.

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okay. client picked this one. It came closes to a granite/marble installation type company. i'm having issues on what to do with the Marble & Granite line. Any ideas. Should it always be used with the name? I've been thinking of just using the mark and name on the business card and website. Thoughts?

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The loved the design of Addidas, make the design of marble and granite in the similar manner.
movers NYC

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Would be nice if the logo related more to the marble & granite business

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I don't lean toward any of these particularly but rather a combination of few:

1. Take the lettering of #1
2. Remove the symbol to the left
3. Just take the crown from the symbol an put it on top of /E/ as you did #3 which is too playful and they don't make toys
4. Set /Marble & Granite/ whole width and make it a bit more prominent - maybe even using tricks from #2 but I'm not too sure how to do it mayself (yet).

Do not forget that this logo should be possible to be cut into marble/granite. Light type (especially /Marbe & Granite/) may be too problematic. Make it applicable for their business. What good would be a logo for i.e. fashion if it couldn't be sufficiently sewn on fabric?

But to look at all these I think that #3 and #4 are too playful for the business they do and don't work with this type.

As I said in AD3 to put the crown on /E/ I would also try putting it on the last /e/ which would balance the whole word as it gets smaller to the right because /e/ is not full high. Putting a ballanced subtle crown on it may help with that.

edit: Sorry I just noted that this is a very old thread long gone and finished. Forget what I just said.

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