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Help! OpenType & Small Caps Glyphs Vs. using Opentype with other formats interchangably

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Help! OpenType & Small Caps Glyphs Vs. using Opentype with other formats interchangably

* Has anyone had any problems using the Small Caps feature in an Open Type font purchase?

* Has anyone had problems using Open Type in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel?

I'm working on a project for a client in which I'm rebranding their marketing materials. I'm using Gill Sans Small Caps for headings and Gill Sans Roman, italic bold etc. I use both a Mac and PC. The client uses a PC.

I'm trying to decide if it would be best to get the full font family in open type (31 fonts). However the Small Caps are not listed in the Glyph section of the website and under "try font" Small Caps does not come up, but "display" does? When I called the font company they said that small caps should be listed under the character map of the website but its not coming up for some reason. They said Small Caps should be able to be used in design programs from the glyph pallet but in Microsoft you would have to use a character map to bring it up. That would take a considerable amount more design time to manually plug in the small caps headings. I also heard that you can use True type on both mac and PC but when I talked to my printer he said they've had problems with output from mac before using true type.

Gill Sans Full Family Pack (31 fonts)



I could get the basic Gill Sans Family Pack OTF (15 fonts) + a Small Caps/OsF Package (6 fonts)


This would be a purchase of less fonts but I know for sure Small Caps would come up. I'd also have to buy the Small Caps package twice, one for Mac and one for PC.

Or I could buy each individually, and get the ones that come in open type in that format and the small caps in mac postcript and later pc truetype/postscript so the client can use it

I appreciate any thoughts! thanks :-)