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Drawing question

This might seem too simplistic, but believe me when I say any answers or observations would be GREATLY appreciated.

I think everyone here has their own little shortcuts, tricks, and other maneuvers allowing them to save time when "drawing" a typeface on-screen. For example, though it might not be a "trick," per se, I don't think it's particularly criminal to take a high-contrast circumflex and flip it horizontal and vertical to make a high-contrast caron. Others might even draw an "h" and then proceed to make an "n" by chopping off the ascender; in basic sans typefaces, I mean.

That said, I'm thinking now of the letters "S" and "C," and their lower-case siblings ... specifically the part from the top-center nodes (or bottom center) to the finials. That curve between the two. How do people here go about creating that part? Mathematical equation? Plain-old eye-balling? Extreme BCP lengths emanating from particular nodes?

I'd love to hear a variety of answers if there are any, because this can really be a burden for anyone mildly OCD afflicted. And I'm not even going to get started on how people manage to draw the curves in 2s and 8s.