Manila Sans


I have been working on this typeface for quite a while now and would love to hear your opinions and constructive criticism.

Currently Manila Sans has two weights regular & black. I'm planing to interpolate two more weights between these two when I'm satisfied with all the letterforms.

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Looks good. You could tone down the inktraps in the black weight. They draw a lot of attention to themselves.

The bottom curve of Q looks heavy.

Settle on a height at which to center all your math operators.

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Neat work. Here are my observations:

Agree about tail of Q; also ear of g and flag of 1 could be stronger.
Waist of B needs thinning.
Bowl of R looks big.
Lowercase a and e may be a bit wide (compared to b, d and o for example).
Crossbars on f and t will reduce readability; but perhaps this is more designed as a display face?
Tail of g seems stringy.
Lowercase h may be a fraction wide.
Middle of 3 looks a bit long.
Multiply should have terminals cut perpendicular to strokes. It's also a little dark.
Hood of sterling could be rounded more like the S; it's a bit pointy.
Beaks (?) of curly brackets could be stronger and have larger counters on the inside.
Those +−×÷=<> also seem to be of different weights.

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I'll try to minimize the inktraps in the black weight and post the updates later.

Yes, this is designed more as a display face when I started working on it but also wanted it to be legible in small sizes. I'll try to make an f and t with regular crossbars to see what looks better.

Thanks for the inputs, I'll get back for an update later.

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