FF DIN Web for body text

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Hi all, I have a client who uses FF DIN for correspondence et al, and they're now considering introducing it on their web site too. So now I'm looking for some (1) examples (2) opinions on FF DIN Web for (not-too-tiny) body text.

I'm suspecting it should work relatively well with its minimal/geometric design, and I've so far found one example – http://messagefirst.com/ – where it does look like it holds up quite well (also, the FontFonter.com). I've also seen the rendering examples/screenshots on the FontFont Flickr stream. Mostly what I'm looking for is some more nice examples, and educated opinion. Thanks.

PS. I remember seeing a very handy overview, I think it was here on Typophile, about which combinations of OS/browser result in which rendering scenarios; but I can't find it again. Help?

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