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Hi everybody,

I just finished the first concept for a renewable energy company called "Natural Power". This italian company sells solar panels, geotermic and wind mills solutions and needed a strong and expandable logo.

I created the below concept focusing on their primary comunication needs: Eco friendly and Professional looking.

The logo needs tweeking here and there, but just consider the idea that's behind this concept. Also consider that this logo will be used almost Everywhere stamped on Cardboard, to maintain it's eco-friendly image.

Here is it:

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The image doesn’t work for me.

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@frode frank: thanks for telling, I didn't noticed

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There’s an “Insert image” button below the text field. As for the logo, is it one?

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Oh, I didn't knew the "insert image" button!

Anyway yes, it's that one.

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I think the leaf is far too subtle, and will be lost at smaller sizes. It's also been done to death and has nothing at all to do with solar panels, geothermic and wind mills. There's a wealth of imagery surrounding the subject. Why not suggest heat, movement, energy storage, etc.

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Oh, it’s a leaf. I didn’t see that!

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While I do enjoy logos that have a hidden element, I would say this one is much too subtle.

I also agree with Bloodtype about the leaf as a "green" element being a bit played out and a bit unrelated to the company. If you want to continue with the leaf, you could hint at the vein that runs down the center, and I would definitely make the stem wider. If not, I'd love to see some reference to solar energy, geothermic energy, windmills, etc. It would hep you work stand out from the sea of 'green' logos out there.

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Why not Kyakirun's Chibaraki for "Natural" and CAT Design's Powerweld for "Power"? OK, maybe they are too contrasty together.

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I think the original logo is great. The leaf is indeed too subtle and something needs to be done about it, but the modesty of the type decoration is exactly what makes the logo. It is also a nice play on the "natural" aspect - just the natural type with a slight tweak that's sufficient for its purpose (and in this it is different from Sevag's options that are IMO just way in-your-face obvious). Concept-wise I think it's fine too. Leaf = trees = nature, not a big stretch by any means.

I would consider tightening Natural and perhaps using a bit heavier weight (to make the leaf stand out more).

(edit) What could be an interesting thing to try is to build an Objectified-style logo out of devices/gadgets they are dealing with. Though I guess this could come out as clone of Objectified design... in any case, just a thought.

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That e is quite nice!

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I have definitely seen logos with a leaf in the negative space of an /a/ before. Here is one example with comments suggesting the same: http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/33802
I would try to work toward something that speaks to the uniqueness of the organization.

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Thank you to everyone!!

In the end my client wanted to maintain the leaf, so I adjusted it and made it more legible as suggested.

It still need some tweaking , but I think that the major part it's done.

@ Sevag Blanc: thanks for taking the time to give me ideas! I will definetly take these in consideration but for the colour I guess I can't do much as the logo will be printed in cardboard most of the times :(

@apankrat : thank you for the constructive comment, you got the idea perfectly.

@Luma Vine: Damn, in this logo sea it seems that having an original idea is becoming more dificult day after day... I haven't seen that before anyway, but I'll stick to a different leaf style.. I have tight, really tight deadlines for this logo so , as the two companys are in different part of the world and, most important, they offer different services, I'll stick to this concept.

Again, thanks to everyone for taking the time and let me know what do you think of this upgrade!


p.s.: the "Insert Image" won't go ?!


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That stem is still far to delicate to hold up when printed, let alone when it's "stamped on cardboard"

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I really do think we pander too much to clients these days. Time was, you would be able to say, "this leaf idea of yours has been done to death. If you want to stand out, I strongly suggest taking a more original path", and you'd be listened to. Respect for the design profession has taken a nosedive in the past few years, partly due to the proliferation of software and DIY possibilities, but also because we're willing to take it. I know I've been guilty of it in the past, but I hope I've learned from it. If someone says they can't see any difference between my work and some stock logo, or slideshow website, then I'm happy to let them go that way.

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@cenerino54: Recommended reading on visual rhetoric

Ehses, H., Lupton, E. (1988). Design papers 5. Rhetorical handbook: an illustrated manual for graphic designers. NSCAD University. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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I think its too subtle but a lovely idea. Plod on with it :p

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hey guys, unfortunetly the tight deadlines has killed any chance of improving it. I will now open a new thread on the colouring part of the logo to have a third part suggestion of yours.

Thanks for the attention.

@Christopher Dean: thanks for the suggestion Christopher, but is this refered to something I sayed or did wrong? Anyways I'm always open to some good readings!

cya guys

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