Osnova & Osnova Pro: Cyrillic, Latin & Greek

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happy New Year, typophiles!
I am glad to present a new Osnova family, sans serif workhorse.

Osnova supports slavic Cyrillic (belarusian, bulgarian, macedonian, russian, serbian and ukrainian), Latin for western, baltic, central and eastern european languages, and also monotonic Greek codepages.

the font has six weights from thin to heavy with small caps, old style and tabular figures, some ligatures, alternatives and letter variations for three alphabets. italics preserves roman glyph shapes.

some of features are separated for using eg. in office software.

Osnova will be suited for both display and text use, for corporate identity and signage as well as for publishing and editorial design, and even for navigation design.

Osnova was presented for first time on Rutenia 2010 type-festival in Kyiv. please look to example of usage by 3z studio.

the typeface is named after the first ukrainian cultural magazine Osnova (1861–1862).

Osnova@myfonts: http://new.myfonts.com/search/osnova/fonts/

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Very nice.

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Very good! It's especially consistent, with Latin, Greek and Cyrillic sharing a common design but keeping their nuances.

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thank you, Dusan! thank you, Igor!

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I'm interested by the greater length of descenders than ascenders.
What is your thinking behind this, in all three scripts?

Also, I find the ear of the Latin "g" to be idiosyncratic (nothing wrong with that!) -- what would you consider to be correspondingly idiosyncratic glyphs in the other two scripts?

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hi Nick,
ascenders and descenders have equal lengths except of -t-, -φ- -ψ- and -ф-. it can be idiosyncratic thing, like straight tail of -б- or connections of diagonals and main stem in -и-

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Osnova as font of the last week of 2010


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Nice Font! Congratulations!!!

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thank you, Lasko!

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I'd really like to use this font. Where could I find a download for a University Project

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