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Camp Site Hand Painted Park Signs

Went camping in October and really enjoyed the hand-lettering on all the park signs. Can anyone tell if this was based off a typeface that has been digitized? Obviously it's all hand-painted, but thought there was probably some sort of stencil used.

Love the subtle curvature of the letter forms like A, V and N.

- Tristan


The Top one reminds me of http://Kabel. Although certainly not an exact match.
It's interesting though, how different some of the instance of the same letters are in the second sign. It doesn't look like they used a the same stencil or template to cut both "v"s, for example

Jason C

These signs are probably the result of CCC or WPA projects during the 1930s; same basic idea, but a little more structured...


Resolute and Kabel are both pretty close. I did some more hunting and found one that has a similar open feel and curved diagonals, but it doesn't have the nice pointed intersects on the M V A & N like Resolute, Kabel and the hand painted signs have.

FF Megano Black

If someone mixed FF Megano Black and Kabel Bold, plus an up-curve to the leg of the R, I'd basically have it :)


Maybe Lithos can work for you?

camping is not supposed to be a luxury experience. there has to be a rough edge to it. only the hand-painted signs could bring the feel of a camp. none of the fancier signs would look nice next to a camp. hand painted signs are the best as far as the camps are concerned.