Camp Site Hand Painted Park Signs

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Went camping in October and really enjoyed the hand-lettering on all the park signs. Can anyone tell if this was based off a typeface that has been digitized? Obviously it's all hand-painted, but thought there was probably some sort of stencil used.

Love the subtle curvature of the letter forms like A, V and N.

- Tristan

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The Top one reminds me of Kabel. Although certainly not an exact match.
It's interesting though, how different some of the instance of the same letters are in the second sign. It doesn't look like they used a the same stencil or template to cut both "v"s, for example

Jason C

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These signs are probably the result of CCC or WPA projects during the 1930s; same basic idea, but a little more structured...

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Resolute and Kabel are both pretty close. I did some more hunting and found one that has a similar open feel and curved diagonals, but it doesn't have the nice pointed intersects on the M V A & N like Resolute, Kabel and the hand painted signs have.

FF Megano Black

If someone mixed FF Megano Black and Kabel Bold, plus an up-curve to the leg of the R, I'd basically have it :)


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Maybe Lithos can work for you?

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