Sheet Metal Company - logo help please

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Logo is for a sheet metal company. Im trying to get the 's' look a little like a blade or something sharp..implying precision - that kind of thing. Just having trouble getting it exactly right. When the line through the centre of the 's' is thin..there seems to be too many fiddly bits either side...the thicker line is a cleaner cut but it starts to look less like an 's'. Any suggestions?


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The S treatment concept is a nice one, but I would seriously consider not abbreviating the name, a bit too close to BDSM for comfort.

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How'bout rounding the M top left so's to get the sheet through?

Set it on three lines (BRITANNIA / BSM / SHEET METAL)?

Raise the B and S top half and lower the S bottom half and M a wee bit? "_/~" (a metal sheet with two bends in it)

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I wouldn't worry about abbreviating it. British School of Motoring did ok

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@apankrat - With how easy it is to read your nick as spankrat...

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