Tech Start-up logo help please

Hi everyone,

This is my first attempt at an identity project, and not having proper graphic design (much less typographic) training under my belt, I would really appreciate some feedback from more discerning eyes!

The "client" is a technology startup, looking to make sense of financial networks. The goal of the identity therefore is to convey the idea of innovation, and data connections on a global scale.

I'm unsure about the proportions here, but my main conundrum is that I would like for the text and the graphic to have a visual relationship, e.g. echo each other in some small detail of form (I'm thinking United Airline's original logo by Pentagram here...) Any suggestions? I'm also afraid that it looks really boring.

I am certain I have overlooked / am unaware of many other problems, so please do help!

Thanks a lot,

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Made some more tweaks...

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Agnes, I'm seeing a lawn sprinkler company. Or St. Louis arch or Sydney opera house if I were to be pressed for more associations. The mark appears to be completely detached from the concepts of finance, networks and analysis. You could potentially get an K out of it by flipping it horizontally, but this would still not add a meaningful and recognizable concept to it.

Consider dropping the mark off completely for now and focusing on a typography as it too needs work. The "Global Markets" part looks off, the R lacks stable footing (for something that is involved with "Global"), the text is either too loose or too tight. Also it is too light. Flip through the typefaces (e.g. on MyFonts), consider a heavier weight, italics, small caps and lowercase. Slabs and serifs... just play with the type and try and find one that captures "technology, making sense, financial networks". Then, based on the type see what could work as a mark.

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I disagree with apankrat about the mark. Kinetic means energy in motion, and the mark conveys energy and motion. The arches, to me, look like those travel lines drawn across the globe to indicate air travel. It reads as "global energy" to me, which I think is very appropriate for the company.

The first set, first row works the best IMO. I might try putting the mark over the type, possibly even looking for optical connections between the top of the stems and bottom of the arches? The second line of type needs a more stable font; and stick to small caps.

The second set (your second comment) starts to look like waterfalls, which doesn't work. Strong color choices will squash the water associations -- just stay away from shades of water! Finance companies tend to stick to greens, grays, browns; but color should really be your absolute last step.

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