GRUMPY! (now available)

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Grumpy is an extreme headline font with six optical weights. Black 24 is loosely based on ITC Grouch by Tom Carnase. It is slightly heavier than Grouch, and many glyphs differ notably from it. Grumpy has very tight tracking, and more than 2000 kerning pairs for overall even colour (if that is possible with this design).
Letterspacing method is TNT (that is Tight, Not Touching); a very popular type treatment in the seventies and eighties.

Grumpy is now available from YouWorkForThem:
and MyFonts:

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Is it just me being so much squirrel food, or is Vanity Fair gunna buy this?

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Fingers crossed… :)

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Nice idea Tomi.
There is one mass market US female-targeted magazine which uses Grouch (or similar Caslon Ad style), but I forget which. At any rate, it has a chunky/blobby quality, whereas your optical sizing is very sharp.

BTW, 88 (Oldsmobile) and 99 (Gretzky) are cool numbers, but to maintain the old-school size vibe, shouldn't they be a multiple of 12, i.e. 84 and 96?

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Thank you, Nick. I did think about going for big numbers, but naming 144 for Windows? How do you do that? I don't know how.

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