arabic font to match to english and hebrew

i would be very glad if you have a recomendation for an arabic font that will suite to the other hebrew (progtextGOLD by Fontype) and english font (ST. Ryde by Sascha Timplan).
(macintosh offcourse).

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good one! (why does it cost so much.... 119 euro are like 555 shekels here).

any more suggestions?

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See Adobe Arabic (and does not cost so much): Adobe Arabic

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In my web search, I found Ahmad, which may be just what you're looking for. Baseet and Jumeirah by Pascal Zoghbi may also be good choices.

Of course, if I were trying simply to match all three languages, I'd probably start with the hardest one to deal with. Given that traditional Arabic faces tend to have a calligraphic appearance, I'd try to match David (as the Hebrew face) and Verona or something like that as the Latin face.

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