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No name for this bugger yet. It's my first attempt at creating a full alphabet plus punctuation for an actual font release! Inspiration came from a custom logotype I created that was not commissioned, it's a great excuse to dive into FontLab and see what it's all about. This will be an all caps display font, released at some point this year. Here is a screenshot of the regular and outline versions. I've attached a PDF for closer inspection.

SNS Full Alphabet 006.pdf88.71 KB
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Neat design Dave! I appreciate how the forms go against conventional expectations. Still, perhaps consider changing the shape of the C vs the G in the lower right to make them more easily recognizable.

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Thanks, Delve! Yup, the C/G forms are still bugging me…totally agree there!

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Nobody else has any comments? :-/

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Updated G, M & Z

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I feel like one of the bottom corners of J should be rounded. I favor the left one, to make one of those leaf shapes.

The G is good, but the C still needs ideas. Maybe the left half of U is what the bottom half of C should look like.

My favorite shape is A/V/Y. I'd like to see you try designing another X based on that.

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I like it, particularly the outlined version.

Like cerulean said before me, maybe you need to try with a different version of /C/.

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cerulean: Agree on rounding the bottom of the J, don't know why I didn't think of that already. The battle of the _C_ continues, I'll try your suggestion. I see what you're thinking regarding the _X_, wouldn't hurt to try. Honestly the _X_ is one of my favorite letters, thus far.

daniele: Thanks!

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- Is the E a little tight in the below the middle stroke?
- Is the M a little big in the middle? (Maybe somewhere in between the 2 versions?)
- Does the X look a bit a little too much like the Z? (Could be because I saw it and now cannot unsee it.)
- Could the counters be so sharp?
- Could the J be a little rounder?
- Could the S be a little more round?

Quite a difficult set of constraints. But some of the glyphs are a lot of fun. That's for sure.

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I feel like one of the bottom corners of J should be rounded. I favor the left one, to make one of those leaf shapes. | Heh. I was just thinking "not the left one; that would make a leaf shape, which would be weird." Best to just try it both ways. Maybe there's somewhere else to make a leaf shape so it's not the only one. I guess the /R/ has something close (that's a really well refined glyph, by the way)

I agree with Miss Tiffany's comments, except about /X/. The counters look better in the outline version, though. Not sure why, but they seem to fit there. Maybe curve just the top left of the /S/?

I'd love to see a set of Katakana/Hiragana in this face. I don't expect you to do it, but it would be awesome.

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