Improving "My Marks" feature

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Improving "My Marks" feature

I sent the following through the Feedback form just a moment ago, and then thought it might be useful to share it with everyone here too. What do you guys think?

I noticed that I still keep using "My Account/Track" to check for any activity on threads that I have participated in, and this takes two clicks ("My Account" on the sidebar, "Track" on the Profile page). This is one click too many :)

** Please do consider automatically adding threads I create or reply to to My marks **

It is reasonable to assume that people would want to "mark" all of their own threads. Currently it is easy to forget and it is unnecessarily manual. Automating this is a natural extension of "My marks" and it should make it much more useful to a larger number of (lazy) users like myself.

Also - and this would extra uber cool and save yet another click - show how many items on the Marks list have a "new" tag. Something like this:

My account
* My blog
* My marks (10)

Lastly, perhaps consider renaming "my marks" to "my watchlist". "Marks" is kind of confusing, esp. to the newer members just starting out with TP; and "watchlist" reflects the purpose of the feature better.