Swash M

Here is the Swash M of a script I'm working on.
What do you think?

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Classy! :-)

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When it is presented in black on the screen, how do the flourishes compare (weight wise) to the rest of the character?

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Thanks Riccard & Robert!

Michel, here are a few:


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Looking good Pablo!

There's a good flow - the only thing that sticks out is the 'wr' join being a bit bumpy, and the u could be slightly bigger.

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Personally, I don't like the low exit stroke on o, either.

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Thanks Nick:
Totally agree. I will try to fix 'wr'. I will test a bigger u also.

Thanks Riccardo:
The low exit of the 'o' was made to make it connect to letters like 'r' and 's' without the need of a ligature. Mostly because most web browser barely support ligatures (Only Firefox AFAIK).

I'm struggling to make it flow as good as possible without using ligatures, but as you might know, r s x and z are problematic.

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In that case, maybe opening up that little loop of /o/ will help better distinguish it from a stem of an /a/.

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Agree about the o...

This is going to be super. I love that M!

Are you attached to the idea of all the letters connecting? It might be an option to keep w without an exit link?

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It's so strange that we're back to the postscript days with the web. Everything unusual is bound to be a hack of some sort.

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I'm not terribly bothered by the loop style of the o as long as it does connect smoothly. I prefer that to the type of loop on the b which seems more out of character. I did notice some slant differences that show up in combinations like the o_n. The letter sizes vary slightly throughout, but this gives it a bit more of DIY touch which fits with a lot of design work these days.

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@Eliason, Bendy, frode, frank, Stephen:
The b, n and o where fixed, connections smoothed, and a few ligatures added.
The original swash M was left as an alternate only, since it was too "formal" for this "casual" script.

It's called "Dancing Script", and version 1.01 was just released under the Open Font License.

The source FL files are available in the download .zip
Anyone wanting to contribute improvements for the next release is welcome.

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