Advanced Numbered List in Indesign CS5 for "1,7,15 Caption"

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Howdy Typophiles!

In my Indesign document I have a page of images that are numbered and would like to have a list of captions with corresponding numbers. Some of the images will share the same captions so I'd like to have two to three numbers listed with commas separating them I'd like the numbers to be right justified :

Here is a sample:
Numbered List Example

I tried setting up my numbered list, set the numbers to right alignment so that the single digits would be right justified with the two digit numbers. I then saved as a paragraph style and from the character styles pallet clicked on "Convert numbering to text". However when I try to add another number and comma to the mix is throws off the spacing between the numbers and the captions.

The only other way I can think of achieving this is by creating two text boxes: one with the numbers set to right justified and the other with the captions set to left justified. The tricky part is getting the leading to line up and I'll be using this style throughout a fairly large document.

Does anyone know of a fix for this problem or a good tutorial they can point me to?
Thanks for your help!

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For correct leading use the baseline grid and the numbers and the items should be separated by a tab stop. There is no need to create multiple columns as long as the numbers don't have more than one line (then use a table).

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You will need to use a right aligning Tab, a left paragraph margin and a negative first line margin.

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I'd set it up as a table to assure that the numbers and corresponding project names stay aligned no matter what.

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What Ralf said.
I also recommend putting a space after the comma, between numbers.

BTW, did you know there is a version of Gill Sans with "1" that doesn't look like "I"?!

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