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Wonky "font"

Apologies in advance for subjecting you all to this... design.

My guess is that it's not really a font, just some badly-drawn letters. Nevertheless, I told the person who sent me this I'd ask here, in case it really is a font. Anybody recognize it?


Aquaduct Plain by Graham Meade (GemFonts).

Seems like the author of this blended a Sans with a Serif but got bored after cutting off the Serifs of the A before blending ;)


I'm glad it wasn't the previous font in that menu ;^)

Hahaha! :)

Thanks, Antonio.

You're welcome, Mark!

No, it wasnt blended.

And yes, it's terrible.

I put my hand up for responsibility, so now you can heap derision on me.

Be gentle

Sorry Graham, just reminded me of a certain ‘font blending experiment’.

Hey, Graham, welcome to the thread.

I'm curious, what was the idea behind this font? My impression, as I look at it now, is that it was kind of deconstructivist, grunge kind of thing.

And the Indiana Coop Center maybe didn't really get it, thinking more like "ooh! free font!", with the intentions of the font sailing clear over their heads, especially considering that bizarre "A" which has more of a stale '80s vibe to it...

It was about 10+ years ago. I had a rather bad idea to make something resembling water pipes, and I had this rather bad font in my work folder. It was one I was training myself to actually make from scratch at that time, so stupidly I just slapped those serifs on the end.

Definitely not a good idea. Plus at the time I was doing a lot of rubbishy free stuff, and some other unsavoury behaviour. As a fumbling amateur I didnt really consider ethics, or aesthetics of what I was doing.

I havent improved much since.