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pre victorian typefaces

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Joined: 11 Jan 2011 - 7:28am
pre victorian typefaces


I am currently designing a poster for a play which is set in 1832 London (pre-victorian period).

Does anyones know of any interesting and accessible typefaces I could use. I have already experimented some standards such as Baskerville, Garamond, Caslon and Plantin. I'm looking for more of an interesting typeface then the ones mentioned – more decorative and expressive if poss.

Any ideas???

Thanks, James

Adam Chronister's picture
Joined: 16 Dec 2010 - 11:51am

I can't think of any off the top of my head, but you can try finding Type: A Visual History of Typefaces and Graphic Styles, Vol. 1 by Jan Tholenaar and Alston W. Purvis. They might have examples of a few. You might have to make your own after you check out that book.