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The character head is just a rough sketch and will be vectored. I'm mainly focused on the typography as it's not my strong suit. Any helpful advice is appreciated.

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Anything? :)

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Steak is the main attraction, but right now my eye goes first to cheese and eggs, because of the yellow color and the egg glyphs. Maybe make steak red?

I find the swash A distracting. I like the swash because it harmonizes with the ampersand and the decorative flourish at the upper right, and I like the thinness of the letter in contrast to the heavy slab serif for steak. But A isn't information--it's just the indefinite article. Is there a swash T in that font that you could use for the T in T-bone?

Can you find a swirly ampersand with greater contrast between thick & thin strokes, so it looks more like the initial letter at the upper left?

Unless this is an ad for Welch's Grape Juice, Welch's Grape is getting way too much emphasis here. (Of course, I wouldn't order grape juice anyway. Depending on the time of day, I'd wash this meal down with a big mug of black coffee or a nice cold beer.)

Returning to our original topic (typography, if I recall), I'd play down Welch's Grape, and use a font that works better with the rest of your design. Try something along the Bodoni/Century line, not too bold. And maybe make it purple.

I kind of like the sketchy style of the face, but he looks too angry. I would look happier if I were about to eat this meal.

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I definitely agree with the above statements, especially regarding hierarchy. I think you're missing a comma. Right now it reads "A t-bone steak cheese, eggs & welch's grapes." Need a comma after "steak."

The font choices are pretty nice, but what is the context of this? Why is this semi-thug looking guy ordering breakfast? Would a thuggish man speak in a matter that inspires a curlycue A?

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And yes, I realize this is a majorly delayed response haha.

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